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Sandy Beach

PTP Daylight

We're proud to present one of our three new imprints. Titles published under PTP Daylight will showcase general content and lighter themes geared for a mature readership. You can expect to find engaging speculative fiction, contemporary fiction, short fiction (collections and themed anthologies), and even writing prompt books to ignite your creative flame. Check out our available books below.

Book 1

Two Idol Hearts 
A Romantic Urban Fantasy

Cleo is a hard-working, art loving, very non-magical police officer who hasn't been on a date in four years. While investigating a vandalism complaint at the train station, she meets Rask, a charming man who, unbeknownst to her, is both the leader of a magical preservation society and on the run from rival relic hunters.

When a railway foot-chase leads Cleo to a chance encounter with an ancient idol and an unexpected kiss from Rask, she is left with glowing hands she didn't ask for, nor wanted. As more magic bursts loose, romantic heat swells, quirky friends meddle, and rival thugs present a looming threat, Cleo's hopes of getting rid of the power and returning to her normal life hinge on not being Rask's soulmate.

But... should she hope for that?

2 Idol Hearts Cover (ebook).jpg
Book 2
Let Your Lips Twitch.png

Let Your Lips Twitch
A Humorous Collection of Short Stories

Between these covers, you'll find short fiction in several genres. Each tale is infused with unique characters and comical situations, some rooted in reality, others certainly not. Flip the page and join a jewel heist executed by bumbling thieves at a gastronomy party, meet a lowly soul gifted the fantastical chance to redo an all-consuming moment of regret, or sweat alongside a father as he realizes his daughter is growing up too fast. Turn another page and you’ll enjoy clowning around while meeting Mr. Right, then zoom in on a perfectly focused meet cute, or feel Mother Nature’s wrath as a rebellious fishing excursion goes all kinds of wrong. There is something in this collection for everyone to enjoy, including eight never-before-seen stories.Allow yourself to be entertained and whisked away. Let humour in all its glorious forms tempt your lips to move. Don’t fight the urge. Embrace it. Go ahead and let your lips twitch.

Book 3

Oh, That's Good, Too!
52 More Writing Prompts You Never Knew You Needed. But Seriously... You do.

From the author of Oh, That’s Good… you are cordially invited to peruse 52 more original speculative fiction prompts that are sure to inspire and spark the imagination. From dark to light, spaceships to fairytale creatures, and everything in between, there’s a little something for everyone between the covers. You can zoom through the pages; take your time, pick and choose... or, if you’re feeling brave, take the 52-Week Challenge. Whatever you do, have fun!Whether you’re writing short or long fiction, in the home, class, or office, these prompts work for all manner of creative writing. Just spin, expand, elevate, and transform the concepts into your own, then jot down your shiny new plotlines in the handy note sections provided.So, are you ready to find inspiration and write that next great story?

Oh, That's Good, Too!
Book 4
Oh, That's Good....jpg

Oh, That's Good...
52 Writing Prompts You Never Knew You Needed. But Seriously... You do.

Have you ever seen something—an object, an image, a person, or even an ad on the side of a bus—and gotten struck by an idea? You sat back and smiled, mumbling, “Oh, that’s good…” and immediately scrambled to write it down? Well, scramble no more.Plucked from the mind of multi-genre short fiction author R.A. Clarke, these 52 original speculative fiction prompts are sure to inspire and spark your creative flame. From dark to light, quirky to horrifying, there’s a little something here for everybody. You’re cordially invited to sift through the pages; take your time, pick and choose... or, if you’re feeling brave, take the 52-Week Challenge. Inspiration awaits at the turn of a page.

Book 5


Oh, That's Even Better
Coming Soon...

Another years worth of engaging speculative fiction writing prompts. A release date for this work has not yet been set.

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