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2021 Page Turner Award Finalist.


2021 Females of Fiction Award Finalist. 

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by Rachael Clarke

Everything about Oliver is small, from his footprint to his glasses-and a trio of bullies never let him forget it. When Oliver receives his grandfather's old bike for his birthday, he rides tall for the first time. But the meanest bully in school doesn't like that at all. Oliver quickly finds himself challenged to a race. Now, he'll have to be bigger than he ever imagined in order to prove heroes come in small packages too.


The Big Ol' Bike is a contemporary slice of life for ages 7-10, meant to be transitional between chapter books and middle grade novels. Themes of bullying, family, friendship, confidence, and community are all explored. Come hang out with Oliver, Austin, and Sue, as they experience excitement, setbacks, and adventure together.


WARNING: Reading this book may cause an urgent need to ride your bike. Don't be alarmed. The feeling will pass. But don't let it. ;)

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​​52 Writing prompts you never knew you needed.

But seriously... you do.

Have you ever seen something—an object, an image, a person, or even an ad on the side of a bus—and gotten struck by an idea? You sat back and smiled, mumbling, “Oh, that’s good…” and immediately scrambled to write it down? Well, scramble no more.

Plucked from the mind of multi-genre short fiction author R.A. Clarke, these 52 original speculative fiction prompts are sure to inspire and spark your creative flame. From dark to light, quirky to horrifying, there’s a little something here for everybody. You’re cordially invited to sift through the pages; take your time, pick and choose... or, if you’re feeling brave, take the 52-Week Challenge. Inspiration awaits at the turn of a page.

Oh, That's Good, Too!

Released on August 10th, 2022.


52 More writing prompts you never knew you needed. But seriously... you do.

From the author of Oh, That’s Good… you are cordially invited to peruse 52 more original speculative fiction prompts that are sure to inspire and spark the imagination. From dark to light, spaceships to fairytale creatures, and everything in between, there’s a little something for everyone between the covers. You can zoom through the pages; take your time, pick and choose... or, if you’re feeling brave, take the 52-Week Challenge. Whatever you do, have fun!

Whether you’re writing short or long fiction, in the home, class, or office, these prompts work for all manner of creative writing. Just spin, expand, elevate, and transform the concepts into your own, then jot down your shiny new plotlines in the handy note sections provided.

So, are you ready to find inspiration and write that next great story?